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Why Inform Yourself

Why Inform Yourself? Sustainable Weight Loss & Food Serenity - Pourquoi t'informer? Perte de poids durable & Sérénité alimentaire

You have tremendous power over your destiny in terms of your weight, you health, well-being and longevity.

The good news is that the majority of premature deaths, chronic diseases and disabilities can easily be TOTALLY AVOIDED with a healthy diet.

The solution is at the end of your fork. Literally.

Sustainable Weight Loss & Food Serenity

Most deaths in industrialized countries could be avoided. These deaths are directly linked to what people choose to eat and drink.

According to the most rigorous analysis ever published of risk factors, the Global Burden of Disease Study, the number one cause of death in the United States and the number one cause of disability is…

… food!

And don’t think it’s limited to the United States: all industrialized countries have the same problem. Sadly…

What we eat is the MAJOR DETERMINANT of how long you live.

What you eat is what most determines your quality of life.

What you eat is what most directly determines your weight.

What you eat is what most directly determines your food serenity.

What you eat is the biggest determinant of whether you’ll experience healthy longevity or a life that deteriorates, accumulating pounds and health problems, until you end up miserable, overweight or obese, riddled with various ailments, and diseases…

So if your diet is the number one cause of excess weight, death, disease and disability…

…if most deaths in industrialized countries are preventable and nutrition-related…

… so, it’s obvious that nutrition should be at the heart of medical school education, right?

Obviously, nutrition is the main topic your doctor talks to you about every visit, right?

Unfortunately, doctors have little or no knowledge of nutrition!

Most doctors are simply unaware of the impact that healthy eating has on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, or the effect of food on the brain.

Health professionals obtain their accreditations without any knowledge of nutrition and its impact on human health, wellness, longevity.

Additionally, pharmaceutical companies also play an important role in influencing medical education and practice.

Would you like a good laugh? Ask your doctor when was the last time he was taken to dinner by the International Celery Consortium? Or by the National Union of Leafy Greens? I bet it’s been a while since that happened…

But I bet it hasn’t been that long since a pharmaceutical company paid for him to attend a conference or weekend away…

This sad context moved me to make my passion for sustainable and healthy weight loss, for food serenity, the epicentre of my professional life. This is why I launched…

💻 [This website!]

It is the tool that women need to perfect their education in healthy and sustainable weight loss, and to understand the role of certain foods in their problems with excess weight and obesity (not to mention the lot of preventable chronic diseases that ensues).

A slim body without health is not worth much, you agree, right?

I take great pleasure in sharing with you the latest research in healthy and sustainable weight loss, in nutrition, in food serenity, solid information based on intelligent scientific evidence, on the test of experience, and above all, common sense.

No sensationalism here. Only the facts. Promised.

Do you have questions about sustainable weight loss, healthy weight loss, general nutrition, food serenity?

Email me. Let’s chat. How can I help?

Sheryl-Anne xx
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