Immersion in the Food Serenity Method - Sustainable Weight Loss


Your personalized Sustainable Weight Loss & Food Serenity Immersion is a complete multidimensional approach, offered entirely online, that completely transforms your relationship with what you eat, by training your brain so that you can finally know and fully experience food serenity, in your empowered healthy body.

I will help you lose all your excess weight, in a sustainable way, using the Food Serenity Method, so that you can have abundant energy, show up confidently and perform at your very best.

The Food Serenity Method is based on three pillars:

  1. The science: nutrition, neuroscience and psychology
  2. A framework proven by experience: principles that have been tried and tested by thousands of real people with real lives in the real world
  3. Common sense: no quick fixes, exaggerated claims, no false hopes, no pills, potions, or supplements

Want to lose all your excess weight?

The Food Serenity Method has been used by people all over the world and its practitioners have literally lost tens of thousands of pounds.

The Food Serenity Method is not a weight loss diet.

It is a structured method that produces deep and lasting self-transformation.

Because this Method is solidly anchored in science and is truly a lifestyle, people who adopt it continue to lose weight long after our work together is over (for people who start with a lot of weight to lose, of course)…

…until they reach their goal, their personal version of their healthy body!

Once you achieve this goal, I teach you how to stay in your long-term healthy body, for the rest of your life, in fact!

And, weight loss is just ONE of the BENEFITS you reap.

I use «Smart Nutrition ∙ Empowered Body ∙ Superior Health» for very good reasons.

«Being thin» is not necessarily equivalent to «Feeling good in your skin, in your head, in your heart, in your soul».

And being thin is of no value if you don’t experience serenity — freedom from the virtually irresistible hold certain foods have on your food choices — and, especially, if you’re not healthy.

At the end of the Immersion, your relationship with food will be more balanced, and you will have very few or no cravings at all.

During the Immersion, you will learn how your brain’s vulnerability to the irresistible lure of certain foods affects, even controls, how your brain reacts to and controls your food choices.

You will also learn, in depth, how you can avoid succumbing to «breakdowns of willpower».

Another powerful benefit of the Immersion is the personalized support that comes with it.

It is a very personal, practical and well-structured intensive training.

You will quickly realize that you are now part of my family, that I personally accompany you in a caring, respectful, empathetic way, that I am always there to support you when you need it. And I truly have it at heart to help you succeed.

I also want to empower you, to give you the tools, to teach you how to use them, and to be proud of your successes, so that you are independent, capable, confident.

I myself am a practitioner of the Food Serenity Method with which I am totally and passionately in love. I am passionate about this structured, really simple, ultra practical method. And, yes, I am really passionate about this healthy lifestyle.

I encourage you to make it your lifestyle too. It’s an extraordinary journey, and it all starts here. Simply put, the Sustainable Weight Loss & Food Serenity Personalized Immersion is the transformational experience of a lifetime.

The structure I have chosen is that of an intensive training lasting 10 weeks.

And since the Food Serenity Method is a healthy lifestyle, and since weight loss (especially when starting with a lot of weight to lose) does not happen overnight, it is often useful and beneficial to have a longer term follow-up. We can therefore continue our work together until you are fully and serenely anchored in your new empowered healthy body. We can talk about this at the end of the Immersion.

Our work together

Our work together begins with an overview that immerses you in this new way of eating and living, so you can quickly wrap your head around the concepts and you quickly are able to apply the Food Serenity Method in your life.

Our journey together continues with the Immersion itself, which is an intensive 10-week of training, support, accountability and personalized coaching, which includes (among other things)…

  • The Systematized Sustainable Weight Loss Protocol that helps you shed the extra pounds in a short time and manifest your healthy body once and for all.
  • The Right Back On Track system helps you — you guessed it! — get right back on track when your food choices become out of alignment with your weight loss goal. Life is… unpredictable, chaotic, out of control sometimes. This tool frees you from unnecessary guilt, and helps you to come back from any slip, forgive yourself, and quickly get back on the path to success.
  • A Master Your Mindset section helps you improve your inner dialogue. Building your empowered healthy body and discovering your new life begins on the inside, in your head, in your heart. Powerful tools for your mind and your heart to become your best allies.
  • Your Personalized Empowered Healthy Body Maintenance Plan shows you exactly how to transition with grace and easy from the weight loss phase into the healthy body weight maintenance phase, and how to stay there for good so you can stop gaining and losing the same pounds and finally — FINALLY! —, live your wonderful life to the fullest.

And you will discover much more during our work together… A girl’s got to have her secrets… yes?

With your registration, you will also have access to follow-up from me throughout the duration of the Immersion, via email, or messaging, as you prefer. You will surely have questions. You may come across situations that you don’t know how to deal with. You will probably need an empathic ear to listen to what is going on. I will be there. Present. Available. Accessible.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate. It will be my GREAT pleasure to answer you. Simply email me by clicking here, or find me on Facebook here, and send me a private message.

Looking forward to our journey together.

Serene kisses,

Sheryl-Anne xx

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The Food Serenity Method Immersion

Loss all your excess weight. Sustainably. Build an empowered relationship with your body and food so you can — finally! — have abundant energy, show up confidently and perform at your very best in every area of your life.

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