You are successful in every area of your life. But…

But there is this ONE area. This one area that has time & time again made you doubt yourself, your successes. And that one area is… your weight.

You struggle with your weight. You think about food… more than you’d like. You spend time, energy, money on this… with no lasting results.

I am here to tell you: You are not lazy. You do not lack willpower. You are NOT broken.


Really? Really.

The Struggle
You are not alone. Many women are just like you. They are successful in their careers, have loving families. But… They struggle with their weight. In constant battle with food. Try one diet after another. Lose some weight. Gain it all back, and then some… Are confused by conflicting nutritional information. Do endless, draining, strenuous workouts. Feel guilty, ashamed, stuck. You are not alone.

The Difference
The Food Serenity Method helps to end the struggle with excess weight and with food. Once and for all. You will free up a ton of time, energy, money… Imagine having abundant energy to show up confidently and to perform at your best. Imagine it! And I will take this journey with you personally to provide all the support and accountability you need to succeed. You are never alone.

The Science
The Food Serenity Method works with your brain instead of fighting against it to achieve sustainable weight loss. You will learn to use the amazing power of habits to bolster your willpower and end your struggle with food. Discover the tools and science to break free from cravings and constant hunger by rebalancing your brain’s chemistry and your whole body’s hormones.

The Results
Three key ingredients: science, experiential proof, and common sense. The Food Serenity Method works where nothing else has or ever will. And it’s way more than just what you put on your plate. It’s a lifestyle! You’ll learn how to lose all your excess weight, and keep it off! Permanently. No more losing the same 5, 10, 50 lb over & over again. You can finally start fully living your life in your empowered healthy-body.

Hi! I’m Sheryl-Anne.

Let me tell you a bit of my story…
I have a passion for helping women just like you — leaders, high-achievers, action-takers! — who are done with endless dieting to create their own version of a healthy-body, once and for all, using The Food Serenity Method.

With 115 lb to lose, I HAD to find a way, a proven, scientific, nutritionally-sound, sustainable weight loss framework to get into my healthy-body. And, as long as I was going to do this, I wasn’t going to do it again (this was my 2nd «obesity episode»). The Food Serenity Method is what I used to achieve that rare result — less than 1 in 10,000 obese person ever achieve their healthy-weight!

I want to share my success with you. I want to show you how you can get into your healthy-body — and stay there for the rest of your life! — so you can show up confidently, perform at your very best, and have abundant energy to live fully all of your amazing life!

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