A brain that is uncontrollably craving certain foods can very well prevent you from losing weight.

So, the question is a good one, right? Do YOU have a Craving Brain?

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Neuroscience has proven that the brain has the ability to block weight loss.

If you’ve always had weight issues, or if you constantly think about food (even if you’re thin), you may have a brain that is uncontrollably craving certain foods.

Current science has established that it takes on average 66 consecutive days to form a habit. Once a habit is established, the brain never forgets it. Although the habit may become dormant, it is never completely erased from memory.

So I ask you to think of a period of at least 66 consecutive days — that is, a period of around 10 weeks —, when you feel your eating was at its worst, when you felt the most out of control.

Take a moment, close your eyes and place yourself in the middle of that period in your life. Recall your feelings, emotions, thoughts, sensations during that time.

Are you there?

Now, from this space, answer the following questions as if you were still in that period.

Please select the answer that BEST represents your experience during that period.

NOTE: The expression «certain foods» refers to any type of food you have a hard time controlling your intake of, such as sweets, pastries, ice cream, soda, pasta, pizza, bread, fries, burgers, bacon, cheese… It could even be something considered healthy like nuts/seeds and their butters, rice cakes, dried fruit….

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