At the beginning of my adult life, I decided to do my first radical diet change, from run-of-the-mill omnivorous to vegetarian, and then vegan.

I didn’t do this willy-nilly though. I did research. A lot of research.

And what I found was that, all the science point to only one way of eating that has been proven to actually minimizes the risk of developing most modern endemic chronic diseases…

Sustainable Weight Loss & Food Serenity

Let’s not wait for things to change around us. We must each take full personal responsibility for our own health.

Let’s be vibrant examples of the vitality of a health-promoting lifestyle, of achieving and maintaining a healthy-body and of food serenity.

We can’t wait for governments, food companies, people to catch up with science.

Because it’s a matter of life or death. No more no less.

Empowered kisses,

Sheryl-Anne xx