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The Birth of the Food Serenity Method

The Birth of The Food Serenity Method - Sustainable Weight Loss - Naissance de la Méthode de sérénité alimentaire - perte de poids durable

I like to have fun with words. Those who know me know that I don’t hesitate to invent words either, when the dictionary fails me…

The expression “food distinctions”, which I invented, allows me to explain a new concept that is specific to improving our relationship with food and our food choices.

Sustainable Weight Loss & Food Serenity
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Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

I define the term “food distinctions” as follows:

A set of objective rules, linked to food choices, which leave little room for interpretation.

The purpose of food distinctions is first and foremost to increase food serenity.

Other important goals of adopting food distinctions are to produce predictable and sustainable weight loss results, to make healthy body maintenance easy, and to automate food decision-making.

And that’s exactly what are searching for the many, many people I’ve helped lose weight in my 10+ years of nutrition coaching.

They want to…

  • Have serenity in their food choices
  • Lose weight following a proven method
  • Maintain long-term weight loss
  • Make the decisions around what to eat as easy as possible

When I had to lose my massive excess weight, it was criteria like these that I was looking for as well.

The Beauty Of Automaticity

You will often hear me use the words automate, automatic, automaticity…

That’s what I’m looking for, the creation of automaticity — in other words, routines, rituals, actions that are taken without having to think about them, simply out of habit.

This is what I implemented in my diet.

Why do I like to automate my diet? Quite simply because this automaticity simplifies my life so much… I save time, energy, money too (less food loss, less medicine, fewer supplements, fewer treatments…) but also by preventing me from developing a multitude of chronic diseases linked to overweight and obesity.

The establishment of automaticity also makes it possible to strengthen our willpower and to increase our self-control.

And that’s just the beginning of the benefits of automating our diets. There are many, many more!

Just imagine: the simple act of automating our food decisions allows us to achieve our healthy-body in a way that is predictable, sustainable and easy to maintain over the long term.

Is this something you are looking for, predictable, sustainable weight loss that is easy to maintain long term?

The idea of ​​using distinctions to strengthen willpower is not new: it has been used in psychology for many years.

For example, members of Alcoholics Anonymous adhere to the following distinction:

“Never drink alcohol, no matter what.”

The use of the expressions “never” and “no matter what” convey the idea that this distinction is firm, unequivocal, and leaves no room for interpretation.

The decision is automatic: no alcohol. The result is predictable and consistent: a sober person.

Embracing this distinction has changed the lives of many — now ex — alcoholics.

Applying this idea of distinctions to systematically guide food choices came to me by inspiration. And so, I began to see all kinds of applications for this principle.

An example? A person who adopts a vegan diet also uses a food distinction:

“Never consume animal-sourced products, no matter what.”

By researching the subject, I found that the principle was applied in many areas with success.

I am now deeply convinced that distinctions, when applied to our food choices, can help a lot of overweight people, especially those who fight, try again and again to lose their extra pounds, but never succeed.

I adopted a slightly different version of food distinctions when I drastically changed my diet in early 2008. At that time, however, I didn’t see my way of eating as using distinctions, and I didn’t realize all the impact this concept could have for other people struggling with weight problems.

Over the years and the coaching I have done, however, I have developed a deep understanding of dietary issues, including overweight issues, weight loss issues, and long-term healthy body weight maintenance issues.

In studying what is offered in some food addiction programs that are successful in weight loss, I have seen parallels between my approach and theirs. I came to refine a method that I now call the Food Serenity Method.

Food distinctions, which are the foundation upon which food serenity is built, consists of 3 very simple rules that work really well.

Rule #1: Not consuming any transformed carbohydrates.

  • And by “transformed carbohydrate” what I mean is any food that is a concentrated, refined and/or processed source of carbohydrates.
  • Anything that is a natural or artificial sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple or agave syrup, dried fruit, sweeteners, etc.) is eliminated from our diet.
  • And anything that is a powder or flour (especially white flour, no matter what cereal grain it is extracted from, but also cornstarch, nut and seed flour, etc.) is eliminated from our diet.

Rule #2: Templatize food choices.

Rule #3: Eat at meals only.

There you have it! Really simple. Ultra powerful.

Smart nutrition, an empowered body through achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and superior health are the predictable and lasting results of this approach.

Using this same principle of food distinctions, thousands of people around the world have [literally!] lost tons of weight and maintained their healthy bodies for the long term.

No more yoyo diets. YAY!

Finally, true food freedom.

Smart Nutrition ∙ Empowered Body ∙ Superior Health

By using the Food Serenity Method, I managed to lose over 50kg (115lb)! And I have the profound confidence that I will NEVER gain them back.

When I look around me, I see many who are struggling again and again with their weight. An endless struggle. A fight they sadly do not win…

I’ve been working with people looking to lose weight for over ten years, people who want to improve their health, well-being, longevity. People who desire to have increased energy and vitality.

Observing how some struggle in their journey, I am always touched by all this misery, all this disease, all these efforts that do not produce any results that are worthwhile or that last.

Not to mention that the vast majority of weight loss diets currently sold jeopardize and even literally ruin the future health of people who follow them.

In such a climate, it is not surprising that we are in the midst of an overweight and obesity pandemic…

And despite this sad context, I am convinced that the principles of the Food Serenity Method are solid. Eating healthy is not complicated.

Or at least, eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated…

Early in my nutrition expert career, I had a good idea of ​​the underlying problem, but didn’t fully realize the hypnotic hold that transformed carbohydrates had on people’s food choices… Over time, however, I was able to more fully realize the damage that ingredients like refined sugar and white flour do to people’s health, including leading to virtually guaranteed weight gain over the years.

So I decided to help overweight and obese people use the Food Serenity Method to free themselves from compulsion and obsession with food. I passionately want to help these people to see the birth of an inner serenity that can only be fully experienced when, finally, we reach our healthy-body and that we feel good about ourselves, in our head, in our heart.

Old Concept. New Application.

It is not usual to apply the concept of distinctions to food.

To understand a bit why it’s worth doing, let’s take a look at another area where distinctions have been used successfully for a long time: the area of ​​alcoholic beverages.

For the alcoholic, establishing a clear, distinct and unshakable distinction regarding what he drinks is necessary, if he wants to free himself from his addiction.

Drinking coffee, tea, herbal teas and water is acceptable for the alcoholic.

Drinking beer, wine, liquor, or alcoholic cocktails is absolutely not acceptable for the alcoholic: he never drinks them, whatever the circumstances. He doesn’t use it in his food either. Never.

No one finds it odd to hear an alcoholic make that kind of distinction in in relation to what he chooses to drink, or not drink.

But do it with food? It’s not common.

And why not? Has not doing so produced the results we desire?

You’re going to say to me, “But Sheryl-Anne, you can’t really abstain completely from food.”

A well-known expert in the field of the study of willpower has said, “It is impossible to apply a distinction to food.”

Some of his colleagues are of the same opinion and do not think that the distinctions are a practical tool to solve the problem of people who are not in their healthy body or of people who are indeed in a healthy body, but who maintain it, with great pain and much struggle.

Well, if you know me at all, you know that just because it has never been done, doesn’t mean I won’t do it.

In fact, it’s practically an incentive to do so in my case! I like to innovate.

It seems to me that if there is an area where willpower should be strengthened by the distinctions it would be to solve the problems relating to weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight.

By radically changing the way I ate in 2008, what I did was apply very clear dietary distinctions as to what I ate, and what I didn’t eat.

It was the application of certain dietary distinctions that finally helped me lose all my excess weight and maintain a healthy body in the long term.

It is from a bit of all this that the expression “food distinctions” was born, an expression that came to me by inspiration, in the middle of the heat wave of July 2019.

Food distinctions make it possible to create a structure around food choices from which, quite naturally, serenity arises…

The Food Serenity Method

What exactly is the Food Serenity Method?

It’s a practical plan that helps people use clear distinctions to lose ALL their excess weight and shed their obsession with food by automating their food decisions.

It is a revolutionary system that uses the cutting edge of neuroscience and psychology to explain and reinforce the success that results from the application of distinctions to foods.

It is a discipline that is holistic and aims to achieve optimal health (as opposed to losing weight at all costs).

You see, I’m an avid student: I love to learn. I spend my evenings reading, doing in-depth research, listening to experts in various fields pass on their nuggets of brilliance.

And it was such a study that sowed seeds in my mind, which later led to the realization that, what I had done a good ten years ago, and had done so well, this methodology had the potential to help MANY others lose all their excess weight. And that the methodology applies as much to those who suffer from food addiction as to those who do not explicitly suffer from it.

The first seeds began to germinate in my mind as I raw fed my large tribe of cats and dogs.

I prepare the food for my cats and dogs myself, using basic, fresh ingredients. They are fed raw meat.

And I’ve had all kinds of cats and dogs. I rescue a lot of animals, and sadly, most come to me with health issues.

Several years ago, I had a female Pyrenees Mountain dog, Comète, who weighed about 68kg (150lb) when I got her, and a medium-sized female mixed breed dog of about 27kg (60lb), Tasha, in addition to my cats, all raw fed.

At first, I didn’t weigh their food. I just eyeballed it.

To the cats, I gave a portion that I estimated to be the equivalent of a mouse in size. Over the months, however, I noticed that one of my cats was getting fat. Significantly. Guess my mice were looking more and more like fat hamsters… Which is my humorous way of saying that my portions were getting bigger and bigger over time.

It’s obvious that being overweight isn’t much better for our cats and dogs than it is for us, so I started paying more attention to portion sizes.

I also noticed that my dog ​​Tasha did not tolerate large portions well. And I often tended to give it too much, because, compared to the portion of Comète, my big Pyrenees Mountain dog, her portion always seemed too small…

So I started weighing the food I gave my cats and dogs.

I used a simple digital kitchen scale to better individualize the portion of each of my cats and my dogs.

It’s a really effective and super easy-to-use tool for weight loss & weight control. I used it to make my chubby cat Nickelle, lose all her excess weight and maintain a good, healthy weight after that.

I also used it to accurately determine exactly the right amount for my dog ​​Tasha, whose stomach is sensitive to excess food.

I did this for quite a while before it occurred to me that the principle of accurately weighing food for the purpose of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight over the long term could perhaps be applied to human food.

That’s how, from a spark of inspiration followed by a lot of reading and research and study, and after proving it to myself experientially, that’s how the Food Serenity Method was born.

From the moment I understood the impact that the Food Serenity Method could have, I felt very selfish to keep it all to myself…

I’ve been talking about the fact that refined sugar is highly addictive for a long time. But since I never had a “sweet tooth”, I never paid much attention to what I was learning about food addiction and about the irresistible power of attraction of sugar, precisely because it is so closely associated with sugar.

And there, during my reading, I discovered a pearl of wisdom…


And the light bulb moment… By adopting specific dietary distinctions to solve digestive health problems that had caused me significant weight gain, I had thereby eliminated a problematic carbohydrate: flour.

And so, I had escaped the clutches of food addiction, without realizing it. Prior to my dietary change, I ate a typical healthy vegan diet, that is, a diet centered on whole grains.

This is one of the factors that had certainly contributed to my enormous weight gain, despite the fact that I “ate healthy”.

Reinventing The Wheel

Concepts similar to my Food Serenity Method have been discussed in various fields, in one form or another, for several years.

There are several groups like Overeaters Anonymous, for example, which use more or less strict rules around foods and behaviours considered to fuel food addiction.

I didn’t invent anything.

On the other hand, a flash of genius, an inspiration, is often a new vision of an old problem, a new perspective on what is already being done.

I have accumulated decades of knowledge in nutrition, and everything that surrounds it, near or far. What I discovered during my studies fascinated me, and, to be honest, I love to share what I learn. So it was natural for me to incorporate this new inspiration, which I now realize is crucial, into my approach to healthful and sustainable weight loss.

In fact, if I’m being 100% honest, it was not so much me who wanted to make food distinctions, and the Food Serenity Method that was born out of it, a new project, but rather the idea itself that imposed itself as a mandate.

I was losing sleep trying to not talk about it. I already had other plans, you see…

It was like a fire burning inside me. I had to talk about it or I’d burn myself out trying to keep it inside…

Since it’s not the first time this has happened to me, I know it’s better not to resist this kind of passion-mission!

So I decided to create a new website. And it’s for everyone, no matter your dietary preferences: omnivore, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, ketogenic, paleo… Anyone struggling with their weight will find something here to help.

What I aim for is to be able to reach all those who are struggling with excess weight, who are in constant struggle with their food, people who are determined to reach their healthy weight without compromising their overall health, well-being or longevity.

Because being overweight doesn’t just affect appearance and self-confidence: it also affects energy and productivity, life expectancy and quality of life.

I want to help these people achieve food serenity, and in doing so, lose those extra pounds and maintain that weight loss for the long term, the rest of their lives in fact.

I don’t want to change the world. I don’t have such grand ambition… But if I can help even a few people achieve their healthy-body and have food serenity… What a privilege!

And that’s what I want to do here.

So, now, you know everything.

Does this sound like a journey you ready, willing and committed to take?

… If you are tired of diet after diet, detox after detox…
… If you have had more than your fill of trying — in vain! — to limit your consumption of sweets, or potato chips, or pizza, or what-not..
… If you are tired of eating and not being able to stop…
… If you are tired of losing the same 5, 10 or 15 pounds every year…

If you recognize yourself in what I am saying here, I encourage you to take the short quizz on the website that will help you determine your brain’s vulnerability to transformed carbohydrates and other trigger foods…

Our brains are not all equally vulnerable…

Then, I encourage you to join me on Facebook (click here and send me a little hello via Messenger). I post there almost every day.

I will be able to continue to share with you about the Food Serenity Method, for free.

I’m sure you’ll have questions, comments, and even testimonials. Please feel free to respond to any of my communications! It will be my pleasure to share this journey with you and to help you.

I created a training course on the Food Serenity Method. If you are interested, you can learn more by contacting me. This training comes with personalized support.

For my part, I will endeavour to communicate to you, to the best of my ability, the art and science of the Food Serenity Method so that — fiiinally! —, you can savour the deep inner serenity that you can only know when you are in your healthy body, forever free from the tyranny of weight loss diets and food obsession.

Imagine yourself in YOUR healthy body… Imagine this predictable and lasting, automatic result. Just imagine…

Are you ready to live in this body? If your answer is yes, contact me. I will be honoured to embark on this journey with you.

Methodically serene kisses,

Sheryl-Anne xx

P.S.: Before going back to your busy day… Did what I just shared make you think or react? I like to have feedback on what I share, so leave me a comment, a question, a thought… I read and respond to each of your communications. And thank you for spreading this message to any person that this information could help, inspire or just make smile. I appreciate you. xx 🙏🏻🤍

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