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At the beginning of my adult life, I decided to do my first radical diet change, from run-of-the-mill omnivorous to vegetarian, and then vegan.

I didn’t do this willy-nilly though. I did research. A lot of research.

Sustainable Weight Loss & Food Serenity
How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

Only one way of eating has been proven to actually minimizes the risk of developing most modern endemic chronic diseases: A DIET CENTERED ON WHOLE PLANTS.

A «diet centered on whole plants» is defined as follows: It is a way of eating where the majority of calories come from plants with little or no processing (fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, legumes, nuts, seeds). The closer these plants are to their natural state, the greater the benefits for health, well-being and longevity. It is not necessarily a strictly vegan diet, however: a maximum of 5-10% of calories may or may not be of animal origin, without the benefits diminishing significantly.

And what is meant by «modern endemic chronic diseases» is diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, inflammatory diseases…

So, when considering a new dietary approach, a new slimming diet, a new detox cure, do yourself a favour, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has eating this way been proven to minimize the risk of developing modern endemic chronic diseases, which are the #1 cause of premature death in industrialized countries?
  • Does this way of eating promote achieving and maintaining a healthy-body weight long-term?
  • Does this a way of eating promote food serenity?

If the answers are «No», or «I don’t know», then tell me…

Why would you consider eating that way? Good question, isn’t it?

A single way of eating has been scientifically and experientially proven to be able to minimize the risk of developing just about every modern chronic disease.

And it’s not a question of twisting the facts to accommodate my personal preferences…

Current nutritional science has abundant evidence that a diet centered on whole plants significantly reduces the risk of developing most chronic diseases and can even reverse them.

Come to think of it, if all a diet centered on whole plants could do for us was to reduce the risk of developing one of the modern endemic chronic diseases, don’t you think this diet should be the diet adopted by the majority of people, until something better is found?

So why aren’t more doctors recommending eating more unprocessed or minimally processed plants? How come there is such a disconnect between science and medical practice?

A little hint…

Perhaps it’s because the majority of healthcare professionals themselves regularly eat foods they know are contributing to our epidemics of perfectly preventable chronic diseases.

The medical profession proclaims loud and proud:

«Everything in moderation.»

And, if we told people, «Extensive scientific studies have proven that smoking in moderation is not so bad for your health,» what would you say?

The consumption of processed foods and foods of animal origin have been linked to millions upon millions of deaths worldwide each year.

Just think about it… Millions upon millions… Dead. 👩🏾🧑🏼👶🏻

Nutrition is a passion of mine. I have been actively working, with every fibre of my being, for over a decade, on a nutrition revolution.

Nutrition based on objective science, experiential proof, and common sense.

It’s a movement with literally millions of precious human lives at stake every year.

The whole plant diet can be considered the nutritional equivalent of quitting smoking, in terms of benefits.

How many more people must die prematurely, unnecessarily, before we educate and encourage people not to wait until they develop diabetes, or have a cardiac event, or suffer from cancer, before starting to eat healthy?

Let’s not wait for things to change around us. We must each take full personal responsibility for our own health.

Let’s be vibrant examples of the vitality of a health-promoting lifestyle, of achieving and maintaining a healthy-body and of food serenity.

We can’t wait for governments, food companies, people to catch up with science.

Because it’s a matter of life or death. No more no less.

Empowered kisses,

Sheryl-Anne xx
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